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Welcome to the Guardians of Order Fansite. This site was created to allow a place for people who enjoy GoO games to gather. Our goal is to make a site where we can share and distribute our worlds and adventures with one another.

If you are a fan we hope you are able to find this site of use. If you are new to it all then welcome!

Things we offer:

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Friday September 23 Jeff Mackintosh passed away from terminal brain cancer. Jeff Mackintosh joined Guardians of Order in 1999 as a graphic designer. He did the layout for the second edition of Big Eyes, Small Mouth, wrote supplements for BESM, was behind all the character folios, and even co-wrote Silver Age Sentinels Tri-Stat DX and the Heaven and Earth books.

Farewell Jeff, you left with us a legacy which will continue to bring fun, friendship, and inspiration to all it touches.