BESM 2nd edition Character Sheet (Official) Browser Fillable

BESM 2nd edition Character Sheet (Official) Browser Fillable
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06 September 2016
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For rapidly generating many NPC's the original .PDF with added text fields so you can type directly in your browser window and print your character sheet. (multiple tabs for multiple players allows for simultaneous generation) In addition, I entered the formulas for the Derived Stats. Enter your 3 Stats the HP, EP, SV, ACV, and DCV will populate automatically. With room to write modified main stats and empty text fields next to the ACV & DCV. This took around 2 hours, please don't send requests for the other edition character sheets. If you would like the other edition character sheets like this, I recommend using Foxit PDF and doing a google search on Create Fillable Forms. Foxit Text Fields are located under the FORM tab. Formulas are more complex, but are accessed through double clicking the text fields with the text field tool. Under the Calculate Tab. Keep the Read Only file, & make copies for char sheets
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